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Welcome to the Balcones Village / Spicewood Homeowners' Association

A Community of Neighbors

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 Learn more about our history. 

Welcome to the BV/S HOA, which includes about 1,200 homes around the Balcones Country Club and golf courses. Located in far northwest Austin, the winding streets and large oak trees create a peaceful and natural setting. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community, and several second-generation families have returned to raise their children here. 

The HOA is voluntary, and annual dues are a reasonable $50. The subdivisions are governed by deed restrictions, which are legally binding to all property owners. Check out our website for more information about the neighborhood, and feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Now is a great time to join the fun and contribute to the community with a membership in the HOA.

Hot Topics

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Fourth of July Parade

Fawns Arriving, OK to Trim your Live Oak Trees Now

So Many Ways to Volunteer

Find Your Spot!

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Let's Get Together

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HOA membership dues contribute to the sense of community and friendship in the area by funding services such as this website, constable patrols, as well as supporting block parties and holiday events. Join now to help carry on this work.

This is the place to check if you have paid your dues, too.


The HOA sponsors social groups such as the neighborhood email (available only to HOA members), a FB group open to all residents in the neighborhood, as well as Block Parties. There is a Mom's Group open to moms in this area, but is not sponsored by the HOA.

Join one or all for access to local information.


Residents in our neighborhood come together for the 4th of July Parade, Annual HOA Meeting, Christmas Trees, Holiday Lights Contest, and block parties throughout the year.

They are great opportunities to catch up with friends, as well as make some new ones.

Architectural Control Committee

In the late 1960s, developers had a vision of high-quality homes surrounding what would become the Balcones Country Club. As the land was subdivided into Balcones Village and Spicewood at Balcones Village, the developers included Deed Restrictions on ALL properties. They also created the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to ensure the construction of and additions to homes remain consistent with the deed restrictions.

The Articles of Incorporation specify that the deed restrictions will be maintained, and the Board of Directors is tasked with this responsibility. The ACC supports the Board by working with residents to understand how new projects can comply with deed restrictions and forwarding the recommendations to the Board for approval.

Deed Restrictions govern all properties in the Balcones Village and Spicewood at Balcones Village subdivisions. They address the major variables affecting the sense of the neighborhood, such as size of lots, only single-family homes, masonry exteriors, no front facing garages, or front yard fences. Aesthetic decisions are left to the personal choice of the owner, such as architectural style, type and color of masonry, roof materials, and colors of trim. 

Maintaining these conditions is more important that ever, as the City of Austin is making significant changes in residential zoning that will allow multiple units on one lot. 

The ACC is a group of volunteers who help homeowners understand the details of the deed restrictions and work together in the project planning process. 

Follow the tabs for more information about deed restrictions and building projects.

Trees - Plants - Wildlife

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Care and Selection of Trees and Plants

The harsh winters and summers in the recent years have taught us the value of planting Texas natives, knowing a good arborist, having access to the best yard advice for our area, and having good neighbors who show up with a hot meal and help clear your driveway.

Our neighborhood is filled with live oak trees, many over a 100 years in age. Our work in preventing oak wilt has been successful so far.

Not only are Texas native plants and trees the best options for landscaping, but knowing about deer resistant plants is important, too.

Living with Local Wildlife

Living at the edge of the city and adjacent to the Balcones Canyonland Preserve provides many opportunities for observing a variety of wildlife. We can watch birds, observe butterflies migrating to the south, enjoy the mother deer and fawns visiting our yards, as well as the foxes making their rounds in search of a meal. We are blessed to have such opportunities. The following pages include many suggestions about how to manage our lives with the wildlife. 

HOA Library

The following links include copies of archived news, monthly newsletters, spring/fall newsletters, pictures from our events, as well as rules and guidelines of the HOA. 

Clicking on a PDF link may open the file in a new window or go to your downloads tab.

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