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City of Austin Codes and Compliance

Permits/Property Codes 

As residents of the City of Austin, property owners are required to comply with all city codes in addition to the BV/S Deed Restrictions.  The ACC review does not include City of Austin codes.


City Permits specify the details to build, remodel, alter or repair any building or structure. The homeowner submits a permit request through the City of Austin website, which will include construction details and technical construction specifications.

Common City Code Violations

  • Boats, campers & other recreational vehicles stored on the driveway.

    • Must be behind a 6' solid fence.

    • Note: Motorhomes and Travel Trailers are not allowed to be stored on the property by the Deed Restrictions. 

  • Storage of inoperable vehicles.

  • More vehicles routinely parked on driveway than licensed drivers living at residence.

  • Parking on the front or side lawn.

  • Construction without a city permit.

  • Grass or weeds over 12".

  • Trash cans and lawn debris bags left at curb for extended periods of time.

    • Trash cans and bags no earlier than 8 pm the day before pick-up and later than 8 pm after pickup.

  • Junk & rubbish accumulation.​

  • Illegal dumping.  

  • Frequent garage sales.

  • Number of people living in a residence. 

  • Running a business from home.

  • ​Dangerous structures.


For more information on code violations, please refer to the Austin Code list of common code violations or search Austin's Code of Ordinances.


Austin Code Complaints

To Report City Code Violations:

  • Submit a report online (recommended). City Link

    • Select "Austin Code - Request Code Officer" in the Service Type drop-down box.

    • Include Photos!  

    • Provide your contact information so the Code Officer can contact you for additional information and update you on the status of the follow-up.    

  • Call 3-1-1 to ask a question or make a complaint by phone.  


Code Enforcement Officers do follow-up on complaints.

  • Visit the site to confirm the violation,

  • Talk to or leave message with homeowner, and

  • Issue a ticket and fine if violation is not corrected. 

Complaints to the City are confidential, as are complaints to the HOA for deed restriction violations.

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