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How to Obtain Approval for Your Project

If you are considering any modifications to the exterior of your house and/or property, please review the Deed Restrictions for your specific property first. If you proceed with construction without approval, and your project does not comply with the Deed Restrictions, you are at risk of legal action to correct the violation. 

Please email the ACC if you have questions.

Property Owner Reviews Deed Restrictions

Share the deed restrictions with contractor and/or builder during the planning process. If you do not have a copy of your deed restrictions, you can find them on our list. Also, property owners can contact the ACC via email with questions. 

Property Owner Submits Preliminary Plans to ACC

We encourage you to submit preliminary plans early in the design process to get feedback and ensure your project will comply before you invest in completing the detailed design.

    • Survey or plat marked with the location of the project (recommend using a red or blue pen), dimensions, and distances to the property lines.

    • Detailed description of the project including the exterior materials.  Please include pictures and/or architectural drawings if you have them.

    • Send email with attached plans, images, etc. to the ACC. 


ACC Reviews Plans

ACC will advise you of any questions or issues with the design and suggest revisions needed to bring the plans into compliance so you can resubmit your project.  The ACC may request a meeting with you to discuss your project and may contact you about arranging a site visit and take photos of the project site.


HOA Board Reviews Plans for Approval or Disapproval

The ACC submits the plans to the HOA Board either by email or at the following Board Meeting for review. If your plans are in compliance and are approved, the ACC sends the owner an approval letter. Keep a copy of the approval letter in case a question ever arises regarding compliance.

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