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How to Find Your Deed Restrictions

The BV/S area is divided into 24 sections, and there are some differences between the sections. Copies of the neighborhood deed restrictions for the Balcones Village and the Spicewood at Balcones Village subdivision sections are provided below.  If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link in the menu above.

Where to Find Your Deed Restrictions

  • You may have been given a copy with your closing documents at the time of sale.

  • Property tax statements include the legal description for your property, which can be used to find a copy of the deed restrictions below.

  • The appraisal districts also list the legal description. Use these links of the Travis Central or Williamson County Appraisal Districts. 

  • Use this convenient look-up of your section number by address.


Once you have your section number, click on the icon below, and the PDF file will open in a new page or in your downloads tab. 

Balcones Village Sections





Spicewood at BV Sections

Sec 10 house 2.png


The information on this webpage is provided by the BV/S HOA for convenience and reference purposes only. Information and documents viewed, downloaded, or copied from this website are not legally binding as they do not replace the original, legally enforceable deed restrictions that are on file with Travis and Williamson Counties. The BV/S HOA makes no claims to the accuracy of the contents of these documents and shall not be held responsible or liable for any transcription errors or any damages that might result from such errors. 

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