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Newsletter from City Council Representative, Mackenzie Kelly,

About Phase 2 of City Zoning Changes

From the March 29th Newsletter


I'm reaching out to you personally regarding updates to critical upcoming changes to the Land Development Code in Austin that may impact our community.

As part of our ongoing efforts to manage growth and ensure sustainable development, the City of Austin is updating its Land Development Code. It is crucial to keep you informed and allow you to participate in shaping our city's future.

Here are the key details you need to know:

  • March 29 to April 6: Public notice will be delivered to your mailboxes.

  • April 17: This is an in-person event at the Austin Central Library, 710 W. Cesar Chavez St., from 6 to 8 p.m. Attendees can come and go during the event. 

  • April 20: Virtual event, 10 a.m. 

We understand that these changes may raise questions and concerns. Your input and feedback are incredibly valuable in this decision-making process. We would like to encourage you to stay informed and participate in the public engagement opportunities that are available throughout the process.

Please visit the City of Austin's official website to learn more about the proposed changes and how they may affect you and your neighborhood. You can also attend one of the upcoming community meetings mentioned above. 

We want to emphasize that your voice matters and greatly value your involvement in this critical decision-making process. Thank you for your continued faith and support in the District 6 office. 

Mackenzie Kelly



Additional Documents

Affordability Impact Statement

Ordinance Amendment Review Sheet

List of Active Code Amendment Cases


Speaking at a Hearing

Fawns Arriving / Don't Trim Live Oak Trees

It is spring, and the fawns will be arriving. Remember they often lag behind mom when crossing streets, so keep a good watch when driving. Also, remind your new drivers. More info about our deer population is here.

Keep our neighborhood Live Oak trees healthy. Do Not Trim Now. For more info about our beautiful trees click here.

Volunteers Have the Most Fun


Grandmothers and Grandfathers often have interesting sayings, and it is funny how they take on different meanings as we grow wiser. One of them is “Many hands make light work”. At first, we understand that it is easier to accomplish a big task with more people. Later, we come to see that light work has a happy connotation, too. It can be fun to work with others and make new friends – a time to feel invited and included.


Looking at the list of the HOA Board Members for 2024, you can see we are small in number but big in heart. With only six members, 2024 is the Year of the Volunteers.


Rather than have one or two people manage everything, we are looking for people to take on smaller projects. The primary activities for the HOA include items listed below.

many hands 2.jpg

HOA Signs

Manage our neighborhood entrance signs and put out and pick up special signs (oak wilt, order trees, and Light Contest winners). You need a place to store the signs, as well as occasionally repositioning the entrance signs. There only are three times these signs are put out and picked up.


Fourth of July Parade

Many preparatory tasks such as storing the popsicles in your large freezer, making notification postcards to people who live along the route, planning with the fire department and our constable, and organizing activities and tokens for the children. There are feet on street activities such as setting flags along the route, wrangling golf carts and bicycles, and setting up tables. There are plenty ways to volunteer here.


Annual Meeting (November)

Working with Balcones CC to secure the rooms, select food, arrange information tables with service providers, and more.


Assisting with the Christmas Trees

Working with Jason Lee and HOA Communications to organize volunteers to unload the trees Friday night and loading trees in trucks for neighborhood delivery Saturday morning (bringing snacks each time, which are paid for by the HOA). Also, manage helpers for people needing assistance setting up trees.


Holiday Lights Contest

Working with HOA Communications, organize volunteers, email score sheets, etc., answering questions, and getting results to person counting the votes. All is done by email over a four-week period.



Many of your phones have great cameras and are perfect for all our occasions. The Fourth of July Parade is a large event, followed by the Holiday Lights winners, and the other activities need photos, too. 


New Ideas

Do you have suggestions for the existing activities – or – even something new? We are interested in your ideas! Contact us via email at

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