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Deed Restrictions - Overview

Deed Restrictions on the properties shaped our subdivisions to be the attractive and desirable neighborhoods that they are. Continued compliance with the deed restrictions maintains the beauty of the neighborhood and protects the value of your investment. 

Deed Restrictions dictate restrictions, conditions, covenants, and uses for the property and are mandatory to all property owners. During closing of the purchase of your home, you agreed to comply with the deed restrictions and were provided a copy of the document (or a link to access it).  While our HOA membership is voluntary, the deed restrictions are legally applicable to all property owners. Homeowners who allow a violation to be or remain on their property are risk enforcement action to correct the violation. 

Deed Restrictions are Enforced 

Review your specific deed restrictions prior to planning and construction. You can find your deed restrictions here.

Deed Restrictions - Unofficial and General Summary

BV/S was developed in 24 sections.  Deed restrictions for each of the 24 sections are generally similar but have some section-specific differences.  

This general overview of the BV/S deed restrictions is provided as a reference only. Actions regarding the deed restrictions must be based on the specific deed restrictions for the property and with appropriate legal counsel. Please read YOUR specific deed restrictions and contact the ACC before proceeding with your project.  


  • Single family residences; one per plot; 75% stone/brick minimum

    • Residential purposes only

    • No businesses

    • Plots cannot be divided. 

  • Fences must be wrought-iron style, wood or masonry.  

    • No wire-type fencing including bull-wire.

    • No front-yard fences

  • Detached buildings (sheds), tents, mobile/trailer houses ​& temporary structures are not allowed.

    • No temporary living spaces  (i.e. with kitchen, toilet, beds, etc.) – includes motor homes & travel trailers

  • Guest houses, garages, workshops, storage rooms, etc. are:

    • Limited to 1-story, less than 600 SF

    • Attached with a covered walkway or common wall

    • Same exterior materials and minimum % masonry as the main dwelling. 

    • Garages or carports open to side or rear - No front-facing garages or carports. 

  • Setbacks (distance to property line with no structures)  

    • 5-feet min on side w/15-feet min total side

    • 35-feet minimum at rear (except 20’ in BV1 &  10’ in SBV 7A & 9)

    • Applies to anything above ground such as patio covers, etc.

  • No farm animals or keeping any animals for breeding or commercial purposes. Household pets are allowed. 

  • Propane tanks must be buried. ​​

  • All projects must be approved by HOA Board prior to construction

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