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HOA Membership

The BV/S HOA champions our community by sponsoring social activities and preserving property values by maintaining the desirability of the neighborhood through the Deed Restrictions. Membership in the BV/S HOA is voluntary, and you can be part of the efforts by joining the HOA today. 

Do you want to check the status of your dues? Follow this link.

The BV/S HOA sponsors the following neighborhood events and benefits: 

  • Annual Meeting – The Annual Meeting is held each November at the Balcones Country Club. The social hour includes light snacks and an opportunity to meet other homeowners, the Board, and invited guests from area agencies. The meeting includes speakers from local agencies, reports from Board Members, as well as the election of new Board members.

  • Architectural Control Committee – The ACC is composed of five volunteer members who are responsible for reviewing proposed improvements to homeowner's property and assisting them in meeting the Deed Restrictions. 

  • BV/S HOA Board Meetings – Join us the second Tuesday of each month at 5 PM at the site announced in the Calendar.

  • BV/S HOA Website -  The website includes all the information about the HOA, current news, best practices for trees and plants, tips on living with wildlife, the social groups, and many photos of events.  

  • Christmas Trees - A famous Austin tradition! People come from all over town to see our lights. Christmas trees decorated with colored lights line the streets of the community. Everyone is encouraged to purchase a tree for their front yard. Trees are ordered in November and delivered in early December. 

  • Holiday Lights Awards – Three winners are chosen from each of the two subdivisions (Balcones Village and Balcones Village/Spicewood.) Winners receive a gift card and a sign to display during the season. Must be a BV/S HOA current year member to be eligible to win. (Winners are ineligible for awards for three years following their win.)

  • Oak Wilt Fund – Oak Wilt is the ugly downside to beautiful, mature oak trees and BV/S has not been immune to the disease. A portion of your dues go to an Oak Wilt Fund so that in the event of an outbreak we can help our members with the cost of treatment. During the last outbreak, BV/S HOA secured more than $21,000 through donations, grants, and BV/S HOA funds to trench around the infected trees.

  • Monthly Newsletters - The Board shares news and information about events and items of interest with all residents of the neighborhood. All we need is your email. 

  • Email and Facebook Groups – The BVS Email and Facebook groups are a great way to share information, ask for referrals, and keep up with what is going on. The email group requires paid membership in the HOA. The Facebook is open to any resident of the subdivisions.

  • Constable Patrol – The Board contracts with the Travis County Sheriff’s Department for services that include a constable patrolling the subdivision several hours a week. These services have been helpful in curbing speeding on some of the larger streets. 

  • 4th of July Parade - Each year the community joins together to walk, ride bikes, push strollers, and drive golf carts along the route. The parade is lead by a local firetruck. After the parade, people join together to visit and enjoy some snacks. Everyone goes all out with decorations, and many neighbors have Block Parties afterward.

  • Block Parties - Neighbors along several streets in the neighborhood have joined together in their own block groups, with one or two people as the Block Captains. Some have their own email groups to alert each other to situations and events of interest. The HOA funds up to $50 twice a year for the block parties. 

The BV/S neighborhood is a group of friendly and helpful people. The HOA supports the efforts of the residents in all the ways listed above, which takes volunteer efforts and funds through the membership dues. To continue this work now and into the future, the HOA needs people to join and volunteer. Click the button below, and join today. 

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